The Brand

about the brand

Ansaline Sruthi is an arts and craft brand, where all products are handcrafted and designed in-house. All our products are designed by our lead artist, keeping in mind the constantly evolving landscape of art and the likes of all age groups. We focus on creating art that would serve as utility products, thereby striking a balance between artforms and its usage in households. One of our very niche and unique product is the artistic Reminder Boards that are the first of its kind in the world. Our products are quirky, kitsch, colourful, vibrant, traditional and contemporary. We're all about the good vibes here, so all our products are made with a good dose of positivity and happiness!

And the best part is, everything can be customised!

about the artist

Ansaline Sruthi is both the founder and chief designer of all our products. Sruthi who is a ray of sunshine wherever she goes, has always been keen on creating handmade gifts right from her childhood. Being an avid networker with dual masters’ degrees, she has been a digital marketer for 7 years. During her maternity break, she decided to reunite with art. With the great response and feedback she received for her work on social media, she decided to commercialise it and started her own brand ‘AnsalineSruthi’. Best part is, she goes a step beyond mere abstract portrayal of art as she connects with her customers to deliver customized products that resonate with their soul.